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Nothing Says Adventure Like Seward, Alaska

A view over water and a snowcapped mountain range from the side of a luxury boat in Alaska.

Water, Fire, Air, Earth.

Find the sublime beauty of each right here. 

Final Logo Hotel E-09-1 When you explore Seward and Kenai Fjords, you get up close to some of the most rarely seen wildlife on the planet just by hiking, dog sledding, sports fishing, and boating here. 

Final Logo Hotel E-09-1 Want a more bird’s eye view? Catch a flight seeing day trip or zip-line from one mountainous loft to another. 

Final Logo Hotel E-09-1 Ready to slow it down a notch? Take a leisurely stroll through historic downtown Seward, our bustling harbor, our colorful shops, or dine in one of our many warm, welcoming restaurants. 

A quaint town on a lake tucked between snowcapped mountains at sunset.
Fifth Ave Bistro & Bar logo

Fifth Avenue Bistro & Bar

Enjoy dinner at our sister hotel, serving the best in seasonal Alaskan cuisine, wine, beer, and spirits.

The Historical Hotel Seward's Bistro & Bar ports you back to days gone by when Alaska was for adventurers only. 

Seasonal - Open Wednesday - Monday 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
~ Closed on Tuesdays ~